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I am The Branch

It began with a group of people gather faithfully with a  desire to share God's love in the valley of North Los Angeles. Their passion for Jesus is to live for Christ and not for Church.


The Branch, now located in Arcadia, CA, with vision and mission in a disciple-making people who loves to connect, to co-labor and to create a place for everyone beyond life's background, cultures and denominations.

Our vision is simple:

"Live like Christ and share His love"


bigger than you

I can do all things through Christ. The whole purpose of being saved is beyond Heaven and certainly bigger than us. 


less is more

To give is better than to receive. Collaboration is contributing and empowering others. It is Co-laboring in God's kingdom beyond organizations, cultures and styles.


explore to create

All things are possible. Use your talent as there is no limit in creativity to how to engage and to be relevant to all people in all levels of life.


We are excited to see what God has in store for you. We love to meet new people, to connect with you and to serve together with you.


We share that passion to lead people who loves God and others and become the branches where ever they go.


Prayudi & Susanna

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