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I was singing along during worship when suddenly I felt like praying quietly. I prayed for God's forgiveness and I don't know why I started crying but it felt good. I think it's God's presence. That's what the adult told me what it was.



I couldn't hold my tears during worship and I didn't know why but I never feel better in my life. My mom told me it was the touch of the Holy Spirit. 



The atmosphere was really changing and the presence of God was very powerful, I could not stop crying. This was the first time I kneeled on floor, such an impactful experience.



I have made new friends and i have drawn closer to God. The music team was incredible and this retreat has really drawn me and other people close to God.



God has moved me beyond what I have expected. The holy spirit was so strongly felt in the room. I can feel that God was touching so many people’s heart on that second night. He was making the move!



I had a great time at the retreat this past weekend.  We were able to get out of the rat race and enjoy the fresh outdoors with minimal electronic interference that allowed the Holy Spirit to flow through all of us.  Everyone was down-to-earth and friendly and the speaker and music ministry was outstanding!  Thanks for a great time!



 I see the presence of Holy Spirit, I see the touch of God on people's heart, I see His beloved people serve humbly, I see youth seek for Jesus hungrily, I see kids jumping out of joy. Jesus said, "let the children come to me." We say, Let us run to Jesus, He deserves all the glory.


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